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Antifa Are Terrorists (12)
Toyota Camrys are still mindless killing machines (1)
Breaking News: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead (2)
How to succeed in Collage, without really trying (1)
Say my name! (2)
So what is a "Sneaker Wave" You ask? (7)
OMFG, are president is a moran! "Come Erdogan, don't be a fool!" (1)
Kool Aid Man denies involvement with ISIS Break (2)
International Hotel under construction in a 3rd world shithole collapses (3)
"Somebody Help me' Oh hush sweety, your Father is a good man (1)
Turkey attacks Trump from the rear, Greece doesn't help (1)
Donald Trump operated a Child Porn Ring at Mar A Lago (16)
Missing RR Engineer Commits suicide, then buries himself on GF's property (6)
Shocking new details emerge linking HIllary to the Lincoln assassination, Fox News Superstar Hannity wants you to get very angery (1)
The National Human Trafficking Hotline (2)
It's not slavery, if you're a good Christian (2)
Gay Conversion Pioneer comes out as (WAIT FOR IT!) Gay! (5)
WH advisor Florida Man, asks Navy to dump ice cubes in the ocean to stop Dorian (3)
Speaking of Florida (1)
Another day another mass shooting (7)
Portland area farm creates giant lesbain Corn Maze (2)
US Paralympics Team Refuses to Stand during Anthem, tweet storm to ensue shortly (3)
There are warm rings around uranus (2)
Todays household Tip, Kinkajous aka Honey Bears, make awful house guests (1)
Be safe out there (8)
Pew pew pew Philadelphia! (8)
So it turns out that Brazilian Trump is a wacky tree hugging libtard! (7)
Newly uncovered evidence shows that Hillary Shot Lincoln (1)
Trumptards crash City Hall, laughing #greenshirtguy goes viral (3)
Well this doesn't bode well (4)