European heat wave


At left, the heat map covering France. The dark red is over 40°C (104°F)









It sez on the net 35.000 people died in the 2003 heat wave

The mercury reached 45.1 degrees Celsius (113.2 Fahrenheit) just before 3 p.m. local time in Villevieille, in the Gard department in southern France, according to the French national weather service Météo-France.


If only they would use the USA temp scale - it wud not seem so warm

Fucking foreigners


This is why they are losing at the World Cup. As we speak.


A friend of mine is on vacay in Barcelona. He posted this last evening:


The temperatures have already reached 40 degrees and are set to go higher. It’s 5 p.m, and on the outskirts of Barcelona I sit on a wicker chair in my porch with a view of pine forests. My t-shirt’s sodden with sweat; my face’s red; mosquitos bite my ankles; the motorway in the distance rumbles. I turn my head. The grape vines and olive trees to my left and right appear so brittle and so hot that they might spontaneously combust. The sun is so strong that all colours look white.

The air, bubbling around me, whispers that this heatwave in Catalonia is just the start. A hundred years into the future, the wind murmurs, because of human error and climate change many parts of the planet will be fiery cauldrons of extreme weather that are unfit for human habitation, wastelands in which only a residual population of insects will be able to survive.

What I can’t take any more is the truth, so I lean down and pick up my phone. I get up from my chair and go indoors. The air conditioning seems a good place to start, so I put it on. Then I heat up some pop-tarts in the microwave. That makes me feel better. I turn on my computer and find some sports to watch. I pour myself a beer. The A/C unit rattles. “Fuck it,” I say to myself chucking a mouthful of beer down my throat.


You think 113 is less hot than 44?

What are you drinking?


Yo, When you translate 44 into 113 - it seems hotter - so they shud use 113 to begin with

and I is drinking black coffee


Try a shot of whole milk in that coffee, is delish.


That would fuck up the coffee after months and years of growing and processing and shipping and packing and selling

Why would I fuck up a good thing at the last possible second



No, yuo’re unclear!