Festive? Thanksgiving centerpiece




This is my traditional first choice.


Dear Fuck-Around-With-Others’-Threads Master: Please delete this thread. Some people are completely tone deaf.


Oh, your Ivanka centerpiece was serious?


Hardly. [why would I have trophied your post if I thought that?] But the whole “women as objects, or things that can be trussed and sliced up” is really tone deaf given the current spate of PTSD that is washing over many in the female community. Please. Fuck. Just fucking fuck. WTF?


I’m guessing the nice lady in Spoon’s post was perfectly consentual and willing.


Yeah. I’m sure she was, too. That wasn’t my issue at all. If a nice woman consents to participate in a parody of gang rape, does that make it funny, or something other women want to see?


It takes a real man to admit to it, apologize, and try to do better when he acts like a pig.

Not. A. Piece. Of. Meat. And yet, the latest advertisement by Nando’s, the popular global chicken restaurant chain, wants you to imagine you are biting into a juicy woman when you hungrily grab its hot chicken. A huge new ad by Nando’s, splashed across newspapers, asks you to “try something you can grab with both hands”. And what are you grabbing again? You are grabbing “buns, breasts, thighs”. Because “whatever you are into, enjoying any Nando’s meal with your hands is recommended”.

Let’s see what’s happening here. The ad speaks the language of daily harassment that women face. Under the sexist male gaze, a woman is viewed as little more than a tasty morsel. Like a trussed up piece of chicken served on a plate for a man to devour, she has no voice, possessing not even a chicken’s squeak. You can proceed to look at her and eat her [and do whatever kind of violence to her your heart desires].


Well, I guess it’s back to the ol’ man cave for poor me.


Basically I agree with you, but…

I am bombarded with ads that have been written by idjits, what am I supposed to do? If I didn’t brush these ads off :roll_eyes: I would go nuts.

Specific to your examples, it is clear that every ad person has been taught that every product must be sexualized or have a romantic component.




I actually really like the photo of the woman. I think it’s beautiful.


Yeah. I completely disagree.




Would a man version make you feel any better?


I can’t imagine why it would.