Festive? Thanksgiving centerpiece


What does EOM mean?




Thank you. I thought it was a board acro. You guys have a lot of them that I haven’t seen in other places.


How’s this for a festive centerpiece?



It doesn’t appeal to me the same way a woman’s beautiful body does but I wouldn’t have a fucking meltdown if I showed up at someone’s house and there is was on the table.

It would make for some interesting dinner conversation though :smiley:


Happy thanksgiving to you, too.


It’s not Thanksgiving here. We had ours in October.


I was just using that piece on ads as one example. Women are sexualized in every corner of life. Ads. Fashion. Workplace. Home. School. Movies. TV. Music. Walking down the damn street. I would venture to say that almost no man on earth has experienced this. I, for one, am sick of it. Women are more than pieces of meat, and I think that stupid pic of a woman trussed up like a piece of meat is a reprehensible signifier of the BS they have had to put up with for millennia. It’s not beautiful or funny if you care about the subliminal messages this kind of crap ingrains in people’s unconscious.

But Happy T’Day, LR. I still love you.


That’s because sex sells. If it didn’t sell, they wouldn’t use it to sell things.


That’s an important piece of the overall problem, the context Lotus is tired of. But the problem isn’t the pimps any more, nor the prostitutes…it’s the johns. And the johns, of both genders, are okay with it. They pay, and the pimps and prostitutes make a living.

As it happens I don’t agree with Lotus that my image is really part of that fabric. My image is a piece of photographic art, created for its own sake. Nobody has used it to sell anything or even make a big chunk of money. It succeeds as art because it disturbs viewers and succeeds in making a cultural statement that people will find disquieting for various reasons, and perhaps even discuss.

Hopefully the discussion can be civil.


I don’t think you read my post to LR carefully. I said the ads are just one small part of it. Walking down the street and being assaulted by a stranger has nothing to do with monetary exchanges, but it’s all part of the same sickness.

And the “Yeah, but it’s art” excuse is one that gets old, too. All those movies in which women are sex objects, or victims of violence, or virtually non-existent, yeah, they’re art, too. Art that perpetuates the image and icon of woman as object, with no value outside her roll as an object for men to do with as they will. It’s pervasive, and that trussed woman is, to me, and I’m sure to other women as well, highly offensive. It crosses a line that has been crossed millions of times and is getting very, very well worn.

How about we try something new?


I’m only calling attention to the typo because it adds an unintended irony to your sentence. :innocent:

Suggestions are welcome.


Maybe if you can’t come up with something different, just refrain from posting incendiary stuff like that (particularly in my threads, ffs). Especially since I have tried to explain how deeply this whole sexual assault thing is triggering me (and yes, sometimes “trigger” is an appropriate term that describes a very real kind of PTSD). And, in case you didn’t pick up on this earlier, I will spell it out yet again. My daughter is now experiencing the same kinds of things I went through in my 20s, especially in her career, to which she is committed and about which she is passionate. I am even more triggered on her behalf, and pray that she is relieved of some of this BS in a way I wasn’t when I was her age.


And the TIME cover goes to

BTW, in case you didn’t know it, a good percentage of “prostitutes” are actually sex slaves and aren’t making a dime in their bondage. I wouldn’t try to assuage anyone’s guilt by suggesting that everyone is just making a good old fashioned living.


Evidently you can’t come up with something different either. I told you I would welcome suggestions but your only suggestion is negative (and I won’t even LOL about the idea of this being “your” thread.)

I’ve already mentioned that the item is incendiary SO FAR only to you, and not to any other posters.

And while I take due notice that you are “triggered” (not my term) this is not really a new state for you, merely a new day. I don’t mind you being in a rage every time you come here, but please don’t expect me to be impressed or intimidated by that. I have at least as many triggers in my own life as you have in yours, and I don’t expect anyone to cut me slack over any of them. Not on message boards, and not in RL.

BTW, I was not talking about the sex trade except as metaphor I was talking about the entertainment biz and the advertising biz.

And the TIME cover goes to

I can come up with millions of alternatives to sexist images. I didn’t think it was my job to tell you what to post.

I am the only one who objects, so therefore I must be wrong. Message received, loud and clear.

This is what civil discussion begets.


I fukking ASKED you for suggestions. I don’t come here to piss you off.


It is art and the intention of art, as Norm pointed out, is to evoke emotional response. It allows us to share our feelings and experiences with one another as we view a piece. We bring ourselves to art.

I think we do ourselves a disservice by hiding these images away and saying “make something that doesn’t trigger me” because we are censoring a part of reality because we find it distasteful or upsetting. Thanks to this image, we are engaging with each other and I fail to see that as a bad thing.

You have touched upon your experiences with assault and harassment that I too share only in a political arena. I was 18 when a 56 year old man stuck his tongue down my throat, ground his penis into my bum and tried to trap me in his hotel room. I later had to face this man as a member of my board of directors as well as deal with his wife who was a business rep at one of our office service providers. I weathered propositions and insults from other men who assumed I had slept with the pig while keeping an air of professionalism that I refused to back down from. I think now I may have been complicit in my silence but I have my reasons.

I haven’t brought my experience with that to this image but rather I have brought other experiences that make me look at with with a different pets perspective. I don’t understand the need to deny others sharing or viewing what we find uncomfortable because we find it uncomfortable.

(Edit: Please note that I am not feeling particularly well today so please excuse any grammar/typo errors. I’m not even sure I made a cogent point but it is what it is.)


You are welcome to object. I don’t see anyone denying you that right but what about those of us who enjoy it?


I have yet to see anyone making my objections welcome. I am being told I am wrong in all of these posts. Not necessarily wrong about what I believe, but surely wrong for objecting in the first place.