Hillary takes out ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi


He must have had the goods on her.


Was this before or after she sold weapons to ISIS


It’s Sunday morning, and this is the best you’ve got for us this morning?

FAWK, we may have to get another Con troall or two in here if we can keep Billdo from taking a hatchet to them.

Go polish yer medals, mang.


So the article says that this al-Baghdadi cat was a "feared preacher of hate. Yet he was clearly much younger and a lot smarter than, say, Pat Robertson.

When is Robertson scheduled for a drone strike or something?


I would say PR is extremely smart - he is rich fer jus makin up bullshit for the crazy CCers






Note to Flannel: That guy isn’t President any more.



My partner does that too. Barack HUSSEIN Obama, and Hillary, new bad guys Comey, McCabe, Brennan and Clapper.



To paraphrase the Obama-era righttards:



I have to say I genuinely sick to death of politics. I can’t watch it anymore. I only watch local news a couple of times a week for local stories, mostly the weather.

I just am mentally spent with this piece of shit in power and my compatriots that are completely clueless to his aberrant and probably criminal behavior.

It sucks the huge one.


Delta was gona kidnap this guy and cheeto fucked it up by leaving Syria


They aren’t “new”. They’ve been bad actors for a while now.


RAT FUCK CONS are the only bad actors

cons are creations of the devil and should be fucking eradicated





I don’t think so.


How great would it be if the Dog that helped take down the leader of ISIS refused to go to the White House?


Delta keeps a low profile - like fucking nonexistent - you will never see one on TV or with the asshole