Hillary takes out ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi


I wish my Seals were a bit more quietly professional in that way. But they did make for some entertaining Movies.


Delta budget is more then all the Marine Corp - toys and sich


The Seals have a pretty big budget too, all the SOCOM units do. If the Delta boys that did this had enough time, they like to build scale model replicas of the facility being raided, and then do drill after drill after drill mostly with live ammo and then debrief after each drill what went right, what went wrong, until each member of the team can do the mission in their sleep. Muscle memory, they like to call it. those sumbishes work their asses off.


I heard the CG search and rescue is the toughest to get thru


CG Rescue swimmer is tough, I have heard some say the PJ’s training is possibly the toughest…they are all tough, boot camp is tough for most…


I read this book not too long ago. Air Force Combat Controller and MOH winner John Chapman.


Those fuckers get right up close to the bad guys and call in air strikes, scary stuff.


They kill more people than any other special forces.


Well yeah, most special forces teams typically are tasked for one target, like an OBL, not whole battallions of men and equipment.


New to conservatives…and the masses.

It’s as if conservatives finally figured out what the CIA and FBI do.




I can’t say I saw Trump brag about it.


Also have a meme


I’m sure he feels safe posting that picture because to him all dogs look alike, amirite?



So y’all happy the terrorist POS is dead or nah


Sure we are. And we are glad the Military was able to save the plan after Random Trump almost blew it up with his Random off the cuff proclamation,



Because Duck Call guy was part of the US Federal Government, with it’s War Powers Act Responsibility? And Why are we informing hostile foreign leaders, before we inform our own team?