Hot or Not - The Panty Edition


Hot or not?

  1. Cage

  2. Frilly

  3. Mesh

  4. Latex

  5. Boy Short

  6. Cotton Brief

  7. Thong

  8. G-String

  9. C String

  10. Bling String


Well on shapely young things like this a gunny sack with cutouts for head and arms would be :fire:


Yeah I know but I wonder about style.


I like them wrapped around their throat the best - style does not matter




I could not care less about this. I have gone on record with this before, but aids of all kinds in the sexual act are superfluous to me. Either I am turned on by the guy, or I am not. I am attracted to men who are the same.



And WTF does any of this have to do with panties?


Panties are superfluous. In fact, I find the extreme effort that goes into all those panties pictured to be a buzz kill.


Good luck doing that with a C-string.


So you don’t wear panties?


Yeah. That’s what I said.

I also detest the word “panties.” Just saying.


Well before your edit where you added on, you said, “Panties are superfluous.” Now I’m not sure if superfluous means something other than unnecessary in your world, but I find wearing them more commonplace than that. I think you can get away with not wearing them but I think it would be a bit more of a challenge in certain circumstances.

Also note that before you rag on some more, I didn’t say anything about sex acts and wearing panties.


This is more what I had in mind…

Cage - Love the look but they aren’t for every day. HOT
Frilly - I love the look of these too but these are cushy on the tushy HOT
Mesh - If you ever wondered what your parts look like pressed up against a screen door, buy these NOT
Latex - I find these uber sexy but they are hot and sticky HOT
Boy Short - The look, meh. The wear is good. NOT
Cotton Brief - Cute, classic and comfy HOT
Thong - Another classic. Prefer then in lace or frill. HOT
G-String - Butt floss - no thanks NOT
C String - Stupidest underwear ever. NOT
Bling String - It looks cheap and is incredibly uncomfortable to wear NOT


Boy shorts are the hottest


I’m pretty old skool. White cotton works for me, even in the old hi-rise cut. But yer #6 brief and even the #7 thong is just fine.

What I really like is a woman who has drawers full of fancy panties and still elects (about half the time, but not in a predictable way) to go Commando.


Commando is my fave also.


Commando feels so weird especially in a dress.


I wasn’t ragging on to begin with. I was expressing my opinion. When I express my opinion, it is often different from others, but the difference in opinion does not equate to “ragging.”

In your subject line, I took the “hot” to be a reference to sex, or to getting sexually aroused. Sorry if I misunderstood your meaning.

Anyway, I am saying that all of those “panties” are the opposite of hot, IMO. Except maybe the boy shorts. And I explained why.


Boy shorts. Gotcha :))


Yeah. Maybe.