Is there a coprophiliac in the house?



10 to 15 flushes friends. That’s Bigly~,


LOL @ some of the comments.

“I could get an entire sweatshirt down in fewer flushes. And I have.”


Where does this fuckbuckle get his information, one wonders


Whatever it is that he “gets,” it’s not information as most people understand the word.


Maybe this will help end racism and gun violence.


Why is he even hearing from anyone on this subject? Wtf kind of discussions lead to flushing.

Everyone knows tRump made up the “heard it from many people” bs anyway.


He can’t “get” this information easily from others. It has to be from his own experience.

I’m not surprised he’s full of shit, are you?


“many people are telling me this”

Translates to

“I will believe whatever you tell me”