Kathy Griffin Hijacks Entire Internet


LOL, heads exploading everywhere


OMG. Is she ever going to be in trouble with Tinyhands!


Ironically, the bloody mask is still better looking than her




The conz on that article are really hysterical, poor trumpflakes…


In this day and age of islamic beheadings, how is that remotely funny?



Just when you think the left cannot go any lower, they find new ways to dig deeper in their own excrement.


Looks like one, acts like one… must be one.


Why is she a terrorist? Can we hang her now? We have no room in the US for hateful people such as this.


It’s fucking hysterical - it shows how much any sane person hates the mother fucker

Fucker is destroying the USA and fucks like you are all upset over a bloody fake head


I read if you cannot deal with people you cannot control, you are a bad person. This means you, now.


I don’t want to control anyone- and I’m not a terrorist.



You said “cannot”, not “don’t want to”.



So, in the minds of hysterical CONs, there is no difference between symbolic, comedic protest and actually beheading someone?

Look, I think her pic is super crass (but also darkly funny). But come on. She’s a comedian. Where were you whinging CONs when your brethren were seriously threatening Obama with their guns and their Bible verses? WHERE WERE YOU?


99% of conz have no understanding at all of art, humor, sarcasm, etc. and can’t appreciate such things… if you offend them you know you’re doing well.




OMG. The whinging has gone into hyper drive.

"Kathy Griffin Should Be Ashamed of Herself"


Poor snowflakes…