Kathy Griffin Hijacks Entire Internet


WTF is that voice saying?!?!?!?!?


Jim Carrey to Kathy Griffin: ‘Hold Up a Severed Leg as Well’



“That line is not real and if you step out into that spotlight and you’re doing the crazy things that [Trump is] doing, we’re the last line of defense. The comedians are the last voice of truth in this whole thing. It’s impossible to get away from it.”

God help the USA, if the comedians are its last hope. There are none left.


Maybe a tiny bit hyperbolic, but he has a valid point.


Yup. I mean, where would we have been during Bushco and Fox “Newsy” 's ascendancy if it hadn’t been for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert?


Oh, I dunno.

Think for yourselves, maybe?

Just throwing it out there…


So what is it Lou, do you just not practice humor, or what?


Maybe this never occurred to you, Skippy, but one can think for oneself and ALSO need intelligent comic relief. I know CONS don’t have much experience with political humor from their side of the aisle, but trust me, it’s a good and even necessary thing.


Cons don’t like political thinking and libs don’t like original thought.


Cons and original thought are anathema. SRSLY where do you come up with this trope


I KNOW!!! Most of the artists, philosophers, and innovators throughout history have been liberals. Wait. But, they don’t like original thought…


I knew some strange mother fuckers in my time - but none hold a candle to you!


Bromo has to be troalling, it’s the tired old “say something patently stupid and see what happens” thing.


I thot trolling requires at least a semblance of higher brain centers - so I think yer argument may have fell apart


Oh, yeah.

I pissed myself laughing on 9/11.



Well if trolling means you gotta be smart… you never trolled in your life.


Is that what you call this abhorrent piece of garbage?

Intelligent comic relief??

Well, I guess intelligence is relative.


I’d love to hear what people think the punch line is.


Notice she’s holding the head in her RIGHT hand.

Fucking fascists.