Kathy Griffin Hijacks Entire Internet


ThanksKilling FTW!!!




Oh come on! You haven’t seen Thanks Killing?!?

It’s the best worst horror film ever!!!


uh no… if I want to watch a horror film I’ll watch something about the gov. or politicians, ain’t got time for fictional bullshit. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s more of a comedy than anything.


ha ha ha


Chucky is a GOD, man.

You don’t FUCK with the CHUCK.

He epitomises the American national character to perfection. Ultra violent tendencies trapped in a cute doll pretending to be your friend that always gets burned in the end.


That’s the American dumb cuck CON national figure. We, in a country of 300 million +, have more than one or two iconic character types.


I’ve noticed most furriners pay far more attention to American bullshit media than I do.My friend’s German half brother comes over here and lives half the year, man that guy’s more all american and patriotic than I am. He totally buys into the whole consumer system, he’s in hog heaven, cheap clothes, cheap steaks, redneck activities, that guy loves it all.

So don’t be jealous because you still don’t have AC and shit… lol


Ya, I wish I was 'Murrican.

Then I could have a gun and sell drugs for a living.

Does it take long to learn the language?


Nobody sells dope over there? What a shithole… :stuck_out_tongue:

You should be able to learn it pretty fast as much merican teevee, movies, and music you consume.


We have a vid in another thread of a bunch of bullet holes in an Aussie’s car, so it seems they do have guns still.


They’re allowed to own guns in Australia.


@LouStuhlwadder You need to take some lessons from Kog, he seems like a cool guy, happier than you are and probably makes more money than you do :slight_smile:



Yeah, but we can still only manage to kill 10% of the number you guys kill by firearm each year on a per capita basis.

Don’t start on gun control, kiddies. Your nation is a disgrace in that regard.


I agree. Thank the CONs you love so dearly.


Er, correct me if I am wrong…hasn’t there been some liberal administrations over the years? What did THEY do to reign in your chronic adoration for lethal weaponry?


They upheld the 2nd Amendment.



What’s a second amendment?


It’s where you ignore someone then call them a bitch.

Oh, no wait, it’s the right to bear arms.