Kathy Griffin Hijacks Entire Internet


The part of our constitution that is currently understood to mean every psychotic in America has the right to easy access to guns.


So, all you bitches can carry guns?


Obama urged a vote to restrict firearms. Congress voted on it, but the bought reps would not support it. Mostly CONs., but a number of bought Dems voted No. We had stronger limitations in place previously, but Congress let them lapse. The NRA gives many millions to our reps. Which is why I say the only way to fix America is to take money out of elections.


Can’t argue with that.


Pretty much.




What a hypocritical cunt :joy:


Yes. That was the point I made earlier. Her humor has always been on the edge. I don’t know what has people so worked up now as opposed to before the Trump incident.


Especially in light of Trump’s accurate impersonation of Triumph the insult comic dog preaching against “pc culture”




Kathy Griffin on Trump images: ‘I’m no longer sorry. The whole outrage was B.S.’



I’d forgotten what a great thread this was.



818/972-0014, Harvey Levin…if you didn’t have a pencil handy.


“Housewives” is an example of the bottom of the barrel of modern American culture. Utter trash. Andy Cohen is a schlockmeister. Right on a par with the Trump show.


Like Desperate Housewives or something else?


“Real Housewives.” Desperate Housewives was kind of funny.


I’ve never heard of it.


That’s Andy Cohen in there – the producer of all the Housewives trash.