Kathy Griffin Hijacks Entire Internet




Son, if you have to ask, you’ll never understand.

Just live with the fact that I think you’re pathetic.


Can’t answer a simple question, then.


I CAN answer a very broad range of questions.

What you mean to say is WON’T. I fail to see any value in engaging a debate where one side is utterly beyond reason and sense.


Dude, stop being such a snowflake. The one of Melania is just plain silly. It’s not a severed head, it’s a living, breathing bodyless head. LMAO


Much like the heads of the victims, especially Americans, of muslim beheadings. Would you like to see a picture of a muslim holding up the severed head of an American?

Will that make you laugh.

I’ll bet the families of those unfortunate souls are pissing themselves. “Look, Sharlene, that looks just like when your dad was decapitated…funny, ain’t it???”


Oh, come on. Look at Trump’s face. He’s talking about himself, I’m sure of it.


Take your word.

Your glee says more about you than Trump.


OK, Dr. Lecter.


I think having standards in terms of taste doesn’t make one a snowflake.


I think failing to condemn an abhorrent image, regardless of your socio-political persuasion, is hypocrisy.


Neither does labeling something abhorrent. Where the snowflake part comes in is at the point of claiming a moral high ground over those whose TASTE isn’t congruent with one’s own.


So you see yourself as the good taste police of the internets? Why?


You should loosen up and take a load off your mind



Could you be so kind as to define the word snowflake for me? It seems to be used in an inconsistent way where I no longer know the definition.



Anybody got a real life picture of Lotus?

I wanna make an effigy of her severed head

She’ll be fine with it… since it’s just a joke and stuff.


Are these allowed to differ from person to person?


Of course but there often tends to be a level of social consensus in matters of taste. It’s what we base obscenity laws and such on.


So Lou is the Law, now?


Of course not but Wabbit, if that image was Obama’s head or Bernie’s or Hillary’s, I think it would be a lot less funny.

I’m not even really sure what the point of that piece is supposed to be. It honestly seems like the stunt of an attention whore rather than some profound piece of social commentary.


So you thought it was a little funny, then?