Kathy Griffin Hijacks Entire Internet


Wait…I’m not a person who uses the term frequently. It was promulgated recently by Con media in much the same sense of the word they used back in 2004 to denote wimpy ass libs. Can’t recall that word right off the top. Libs had a different word for Cons then, maybe that was Wingnut.

But this year, the coinage of Snowflake just didn’t get traction because Cons have been so hypocritical from 45 on down about getting THEIR feelers hurt. So Libs hijacked the term and it’s used by everyone to describe their “enemies.”

Pretty much, but as it happens to be in even less horrible taste than some of the lynching stuff from 2008 the melting snowflakes are looking pretty hypocritical about it.


Sorry hon… I didn’t.


Then what did you mean by “less” funny?


I know you’re not the offender, but thank you for the definition. Insulting people is so easy these days. You don’t even have to know what shit means to fling it people :slight_smile:

It’s good to know that in this crazy, mixed up world that two wrongs still don’t make a right.


I meant you would have been up in arms had it been someone the left liked. Duke would put her on his obit list. Lotus would call her names like gaslighter. You and bro would be posting memes about her. Roose would be calling her a hero. Etc.


At one time in our (mostly) shared internet history, that kind of LibiCon bashing was just good-natured trollish stuff. Who knew that it would spread to the general population, most of which is insufficiently hip and kewl to handle it?


Most has a solid message though. WTF does this severed head thing reference?


The killing of our Commander in Chief, ISIS style.


Yeah but why?


Why not? The people bellyaching the loudest about the antics of a D list comedienne are the same mouth breathers stockpiling weapons in case the goobermint gits all tyrannical.


Y’all got angry when people did it about Obama. I did too.

Why the lack of anger now?

By law, no joke… she should be in front of a firing squad.


Well now there’s where we disagree. Does this not fall under free speech?


Hey bro… send me a picture of your father, mother? daughter, son etc.

I’m gonna make a bloody effigy head. You should be okay with that.


^^^a bit hysterical, doncha think, or doncha?


Who is bitching about it still doesn’t explain the image though.


It’s an editorial comment. Perhaps in poor taste, but did its job.


So we’re both hypocrites, I guess. I thought Kathy’s image was over the top, and then I thought “hell, everyone on the right does it, I bet they’re gonna be okay with this, lol, no they’re not”. I wasn’t. I wasn’t ok with that other comedian saying terrorists should target Trump properties abroad, and he got shit for that, but basically he was pointing out a weakness that Trump’s election exposed himself (and his tourism clientele) to.


Link to you complaining about lynching our previous black president, at the time it happened.

Not in THIS convenient timeframe, but back then when it happened.


9 years ago? When I was a sophomore in high school?


Sterling, threats to the President are not covered under free speech.

People have been arrested for similar things under the Obama Admin.