Kathy Griffin Hijacks Entire Internet


That’s the ONLY time it happened? Nice dodge. You pretend you had no web presence during the Obama years, conveniently.


I understand wanting to expose the hypocrisy of the other side or do what they’re doing but it’s just getting you mucked up in more shit. Like we need to get to the point where regardless of political affiliation, what’s wrong is still wrong not what’s wrong is only bad if you don’t like which political leader is the subject of it.


That’s not a threat though.


What was it’s job?


I fergot- I can only be disgusted if I post it on the internet.


You can certainly pretend it after the fact.


It is possible, yes.


Comparing the Obama abuse to the Trump abuse is silly.

And I remember the outrage and how they were investigating every single threat to Obama

Not to mention it was always some unknown redneck or group church who did the Obama threats

With Trump, it’s the media and “artists”, doing it openly. People instigating murdering Trump. It’s happening so often and by so many, they simply can’t investigate

All I know is that once more liberals opened a very dangerous precedent and from now on, every single president will have to endure the open threatening and abuse by the opposition.


Liberals didn’t start this shit.


So Ted Nugent was a hidden entity? Your “remembering” is clearly filtered by your hatred of liberals.


I don’t hate anyone. Too much effort in that

And yeah, comparing one single guy to the entire Hollywood, music industry and 95% of the media is not going to fly

Ted Nugent was so famous, first time I heard about him was exactly when he threatened Obama.


Who else has “threatened” Trump?


This one alone is 2 months old



That list doesn’t really embody the above, eh?


The thing is, I don’t give a shit about any of this, it’s all a dog and pony show

Trump is unfit to be president, but I still prefer him over Hillary


I’m old enough to remember when some rodeo clown wore an Obama mask and got fired, as well as got investigated by the DOJ.


There’s that one too.



Honestly, assassination threats and attempts are sadly par for the political course. Even here in Canada :confused:


Yeah, but when it becomes a free-for-all by the media…