Kathy Griffin Hijacks Entire Internet


When hasn’t that been the case?


Who knew rancid was a whinger?

Besides all of us, I mean.



Spoon started this thread, and he clearly approves. Why not make one of his head? It’s odd how the men here can get away with anything, but the women are held to a higher standard. Misogynist!


Which makes you as bad as you believe she is.


Honestly? Obama left office five months ago. CONs threatened him from day one, and for eight years non-stop. You’ve been online posting about what a tough guy you are for YEARS.



That guy clearly has a vagina.


I’ve stated a more nuanced position that that, dearie.

Besides, I can approve of a gesture so campy as to hijack the entire Net without necessarily approving of the actual content of it.


I treat people how they wish to be treated. You’re fine with this cunt doing it… You should be fine with someone doing it to you and your family.

Or do you believe that you’re immune to the double standards?


And since you want to do it to Kathy, you must be ok with someone doing it to YOUR family.


You’re convoluted- I never said it was acceptable behavior nor have I agreed with it.

Perhaps you should be shaming the people who think it’s acceptable to hang an effigy of someone’s head from your hands.


It’s amusing and whatever gets rid of the mother fucker I approve of in advance

fucker is destroying the USA and you give a fuck about a picture



I think he’s destroying the US AND I think that pic is unfunny and inappropriate.

Wanna make something of it?


Yer such an asshole - it’s beyond fucking belief




So we disagree - you will get wisdom - have patience grasshopper