Nasa warns SpaceX about safety - dat's rich - did the Onion write this


nasa is the last fucking folks on earth to warn anyone about safety


Coincidentally, I was just thinking about those three astronauts who died in that cabin filled with pure oxygen. Nuts. Way too risky.


Did you read FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION - I bot at a yard sale fer 50 cents - read it and gave it away cause it prolly had demons

Covers all that

most excellent


Loved him in that movie.


Safety is paramount and anyone that notices something that goes against such a paramount idea has to speak up- good for NASA. Whether the problems are truly problems or not is not to be judged until fully evaluated. They might not be safety issues at all, but I’m glad NASA stepped up- they might not Need Another Seven Astronauts now.


NASA is a fucking joke - not even a 1/100 of shadow of what it was back in the day

you keep lovin em while they pay 69 dollars for a fucking bagel and pop


Never said I love them, but if someone noticed a flaw they better speak up.