Quit smoking tobacco


last cig was around 1pm Sat. afternoon, went cold turkey, didn’t plan to a head of time, seemed like as good of time as any… I want one here and there but the cravings aren’t that bad… I’ve been smoking a few joints and napping a little, probably because I’m smoking a bit more pot.


great -

ya only gotta quit one - the next one

now food is going to start to taste good cause yer taste will come back

so watch ya don’t gain a quick 15 or 20


Yeah I’ve been eating a little more the last couple days but have also been getting more exercise in the past week and in better shape than ever, could probably even stand to gain some weight.


Fuck - I still wanted one ten years later

fucking horrible they are

you will be astounded when yer sense of smell comes back

fucking smell a match being lit a good distance away


Good luck.
Does this mean when I mention my tobacco free anniversary (just had the 13th) that you won’t call me a quitter and tell me I know how bad I want one, and why don’t I just have one etc. :laughing:
If you give yourself an activity that would have been difficult or impossible as a smoker - one you really like, you will always have the loss of it as a deterrent to starting again.


And another smoker from a mile, and it may set off your cravings. Just know this.


YOU ARE a quitter.

And that’s a good thing in this case.


Cravings are gone

it has been 44 years


I’m still burning enough for all of ya.


Yeah but how soon were they gone? If you say “immediately” then you are a goddamned liar.


Look at post 4 then get back in yer tent


You are correct, my apology.


Quitins easy, I dunnit a bunch of times! LOL!


Smoking is cool again, ya know.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, good luck to you!


Quitting hasn’t been nearly as bad as they make it out to be… I do feel bouts of frustration that come and go is the best I can describe it… maybe smoking a bunch of pot helps calm the urges too.


No - it is as bad as they say

yer lucky or it’s the other stuff making it easier


My dad quit in his late 60’s. He went nuts on snacks until he put on weight then scaled it back to better choices. I’ve never seen a human man eat so many fucking carrot sticks.




D’man sounds like a chronic masterbater.


My cravings were gone almost immediately, but I was a lightweight smoker to begin with. Half a pack a day.