Sad news My Cindybin family, I've "known" you all for a long long time


Thank you ALL so much. I think old school guys like me from the midwest and all supposed to shun help or comforting but I’m happily taking it al/

Yes, celebrating her life is helping


So very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine the terrible pain you are in. I just envy you having had all those years together. Hold on to that. The memories and the knowledge of how fortunate you have been to have known and loved such a soul, and been loved by her. You have to be pretty awesome in your own right to have found each other. A Lady like that wouldn’t settle for just anyone. I bet you kept her on her toes.

So, reach out, here or closer to home, and know we care about you, and wish we could take the pain but leave your joy.

And in time, get your ass on a plane, and see some of the world in her memory. She’ll be with you every step of the way.


Yeah, um, fuck that.


Yeah, what Wabbit said ^^^^.


We were two peas in a pod, comfortable religiously, politically, treating women with respect and protecting animals and the downtrodden.

Did you see A Wish Called Wanda? When K-K-Ken is trying to off the woman who witnessed the getaway and thinks an attack dog will do the job only it grabs one of the old lady’s tiny dogs in it’s mouth and runs down the street, she was screaming laughing. I mean breathe woman which proves she had a wicked sense of humor like me.


Tell us more.


When she was 11 or 12 some bigger kid was picking on her younger brother and she walked up pushed him and kicked him so hard in the nards they haven’t landed yet. She was sweet and kind but try to get over on her, nosir


One time a couple yyears ago she used a movie quote to not let her boss take credit for her kudos relationship work w Simon & Schuster. He started talking about his meeting and she used the line from Grosse Pointe Black where Joan Cusack is excoriating a person over the phone for a wrong bullet order, “No, that’s not right.” Told me she giggled about it all the way home


Just some scraped mortar on a wall that had an orange light across the way lighting it. These are the things she saw nobody else I know sees. She smelled good shots like fucking truffles.



So for some reason that I can’t explain, I felt a need to come check things out here today. Sadly, this must have been it.

So very, very sorry your loss, friend.


Thanks my friend. Engaging with Cindybin, sharing stories and pictures has helped immensely. Today I started answering emails piling up from her co-workers and publishing colleagues, that helps too.

There’s never going to be an easy way to get through it, just trying to maintain routine and order. Plus, it’s not something you’d expect from Jersey city or Jersey by reputation but people I don’t know from the neighborhood when Im out walking the dog who have simply heard are coming up with hugs and kind words. My building couldn’t be more supportive. Food, dog walks, all being handled. When this is all said and done I’ll write nice note to JC on my blog because everyone here has been beyond kind. That’s how I will remember JC going forward.


She would have kicked my ass for sharing this one, one of her faves



My own plans are to be cremated and then have my son scatter the ashes off the Golden Gate Bridge.

Which happens to be illegal.

WK, I grieve with you and will pray for you and for the spirit of MrsWK.


My preferred plan would be to have my corpse catapulted into Lake Erie, but I know that ain’t going to happen.


That’s beautiful. Did she have a favorite place from her travels?


Maybe a trebuchet?




It sounds nuts but I would like to have my weighted body transported by a balloon to deep ocean water and then have my body released. Would that be legal? No? So shoot me.


I want my ashes put inside a big joint that everyone smokes on.


Getting close to “Stranger in a Strange Land” territory here.