Sad news My Cindybin family, I've "known" you all for a long long time


I thought this was a painting at first.


The grandness of that one always takes my breath away in the large format


Maybe I should go live by her brother


I bet because it looks like it started as a painting and became a photograph. It’s unreal!


Like I said, she was fearless…


Pretty sure that was her new fucking NASA Nikon she bought about 5 years ago.


Example, here’s an image from that you might see online.

Now let’s see it how it was REALLY taken on that new Nikon at 100%. Look what the people on the Duomo are wearing!







Wow, I remember that shot of the Duomo from before. Love that you’re posting these.


Got friends coming in for a few days. I’ll post more after Sunday


Get loved.


I took a 20 minute cab ride to the funeral home (Jersey City is huge geographically) and went and paid for the cremation and death certificates so that awful part is over and never to be repeated. Now that it is over I’ve have my first twinge of relief.


That’s a huge accomplishment. I can’t even imagine the fortitude that took. Congratulations for getting through that part.


Now it’s just tracking down all the finances. investments and so forth. That can wait a weekend


Witchking, I am so sorry for your loss. I can not even imagine the pain you are going through. there are no words. I wish I had an answer for you, but this is a grief that is very difficult to deal with. I’m not sure if you had children, but if so, they need you more than ever right now. Family and your closest friends are your best avenue right now.


Thanks Jeff, sincerely all this support and everyone’s kind words are holding me up. We didn’t have kids but the support I’ve gotten has been constant, follow ups and more offers of help. Everyone in my building and JC has been so good and kind as have my online friends.

Learning no good or right way to go through it, you just have to find you path out. Thanks again Jeff :slight_smile:


Just remember, once all the company goes and life settles down, we’ll be here.


I hope you’re doing okay today and have lots of support, WK.