Thread for the daily mass shooting


We’re starting to have those here too

The other day I saw one article about how they tortured and cannibalized a woman while she was still alive, in front of her husband, to make them give the money they thought they had. They pulled out her ovaries and ate it. Yep. Back to the stone age for us.

They never mention the “details” sometimes here. You see news from another countries giving a better coverage than here.

That’s how the media is nowadays, lies, manipulation, you can’t trust anyone.


Al Jezerra used to be the best in the USA - but they left


Jesus. Girls are joining in now?


You can still watch them on youtube.


Don’t be sexist!


Rio is having an average of 22 shootouts everyday.

Not normal shooting, like someone trying to kill

Confrontations between cops and criminals

If you’re in the middle of the road and starting listening to them, get out of the car and find shelter


They use to have the USA - just the USA - I believe they shut it down


You can still watch it on youtube. It’s not on TV anymore.


They pop up on fb too.


ok - thanks


well she is 12


Holy crap.




Heard today that the gun discharged accidentally. But they didn’t say why the hell she took it to school with her.



Show and tell


When are white people going to address white on white crime?


It’s their culture, who are we to judge them?


Who woulda thunk it, another Trump supporter gone wild…


Praise Jesus and Donald Trump for are 2nd amendment rites!


I read that kneeling was a sign of disrespect.