Thread for the daily mass shooting


Ridiculous, don’t send your money to gunsellers to feel safe, send it to televangelists like God intended.


I was just on yahoo, I figured out what’s causing all the shootings, no prayer in public schools and abortion are behind it all…


the fbi could not find their ass with a mirror


I knew full term abortions were going to bite us in the ass.


I think it was no births after nine months trump once sed




The reply to that is “Yeah well my parents have HBO so…”




I think yer doin’ em wrong


School shooting suspect belonged to white nationalist group



Who the fuck is Jon Swaine?

I note there is nothing left on FB or IG now to give the lie to rightards who will spin the creep as an antifa or whatever.

And Swaine’s post carefully avoids leaving any clues either. So I ask again, who the AF is he?


Looks to be a Fleet Streeter^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author


Intern - nice job

could you look how much 3+2 is for me?


Okay, my bad…he’s just the messenger. Just wondering who the source is of the quote, and where it appears b/c it looks like someone is speaking for both Twitter and FB.

And THAT mutherfukker is the person I wanna see dead.


Not Twitter, Twitter was just the conduit for that info. The statement shown was from someone speaking on behalf of Facebook/Instagram, with of course Instagram being a Subsidiary of FB.