Thread for the daily mass shooting


So, that scares you? Does your manhood feel truncated when you don’t have your gun?


Couldn’t find one so how about you make your point by supplying the name of a country.


Why do libs always equate owning guns to manhood? And penises?

It’s literally about your fucking freedom. But libs also censored kids who didn’t agree with the walk out, and forced kids who didn’t wanna go to go… so y’know, libs trampling Constutitonal Rights is pretty much the norm.


Freedom is leaving the house and not worrying about getting shot.


I’ve never worried.


How about libs just turn in all their guns since they all seem to be violent?


What is the world coming too, hyperbole in an internet meme? Meteor, now! Stop the insanity!


What idiot thought only guns cause violence?


You aren’t a parent, are you?

And I wonder why you are so afraid of not being allowed to own a semi-automatic weapon.

Please link to the bill that proposed taking away all guns.


dongly is a bitch. give the kid a toy for acting out.


there was one of these anti gun rallies in concord a few weeks ago. the protesters ganged up and beat a counter-protester nearly to death.


jp stevens for one.


lol… but you can keep yer .22… derp.


Don’t need any guns, I’m not a huge pussy. :stuck_out_tongue:




nope, it’s true. cops had to break it up and the kids were arrested.


i like shooting and we dont need a permit to carry here so why not? very little crime here other than junkies and crackheads breaking into cars and shoplifting. nobody is gonna fuck with you if they think you might be heeled.


bullshit, like I said.


Once is all it takes. No link to refute your post, QED. Personally I’ve quit wasting the electrons.


Once is not all it takes with joseph. He’s a little thick.