Wake & Bake


Rolled this 4.3 gram cigar joint up last night for the hell of it and was going to save it to gift someone or a special occasion but ended up firing it up this morning, still got most of it, burns nice and slow… 3 grams of weed, 1.3 grams of kief, if I sold them I’d want about $50 for one but I just smoke’em. :stuck_out_tongue:


still getting high off this joint the next day… rolled a few more, smokin like a mob boss.




That reminds me: 5:15


Greasy roach.


Smoking on this today, Deadhead OG x Grandoggy Purps… has a unique flavor, the best I can describe it is blue curacao and ice cream. Nice clear headed buzz too…


^^^ some of the best weed I’ve smoked… amazing, incredible flavor, super clear long lasting high…

Something I find interesting is a lot of the better weed has flavors that corporate merica has been making a lot of money off of as candy and other unhealthy bullshit… when instead of eating candy you could just smoke a bowl of good weed and get real satisfaction.


Got some more of this Deadhead x Purp shit… flower power… Jerry Garcia’s Secret Stash


Wake and bake supplies… man I need a RAW sponsorship… it’d be cool if they’d send me some free stuff…


This weed tastes just like Lemon Creme Cookies…


I already woke and boke once today and fell back out, getting ready to smoke some more of this Deadhead.


Smoking some of this stuff on top of a bowl, shit looks like poop crack… it’s the consistency of sticky glass chards of it go flying everywhere trying to collect it. I just took some mid grade kief and pressed it out in between some parchment paper, removed the kief puck that I’d pressed and collected what was left. I guess it’s more like a wax, not really an oil.


Got some good good purps this morning…


I was trying to figure out the smell on some weed I got, finally figured it out, smells just like vegetable soup.


wakin and bakin every day


meanwhile in Oregon…


We pay $240-$270/oz here. I pay $50 for an 8th of Super Lemon Haze FFS.


$240 an oz isn’t a bad price in an ILLEGAL state.


I forgot it was 4/20 until I saw someone else mention it… I don’t really celebrate because every day is 4/20 to me… working on my 2nd one gram jay and just had a cookie…


May have found your weight gain issue